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She was a passable actress at best and never a top draw on her own. Lesbian bi dating. Kansas City area Home Theater Gallery: She died of respiratory problems and also had Lyme disease, said her daughter, Willo Hausman.

I think "apple-cheeked" was invented to describe her. Gorgeous and not a bad actress. Adele Jergens deserves her own thread. Martha hyer naked. She did all sorts of roles - she was not a 'type'. Years ago the theater actress Mary Louise Wilson, who played the dykey writer Nancy in that 70s revival of The Women, told me that Rhonda Fleming stole her best lines because she was a bigger star. That does make sense. OP, agree about Hyer. Kim anh 60 plus. Can we trade Eleanor Parker for Alexis Smith? I remember Hyer as a platinum blonde whore in The Carpetbaggers.

I love this thread topic even if I have nothing really to say about it! I disagree about Tierney, R R96, maybe because in the 40s there were not a lot of female singers who could act.

Wasn't Martha Hyer a reporter for Entertainment Tonight? Jennifer Jones had a far more unique look. Fox's Alice Faye was a huge star in the late 30s and early 40s. She must be richly retired too, as she kept working, despite the marriage to Hal Wallis. Virginia Mayo had genuine comedic talent, and she made for a terrific foil against many bigger on-screen personalities. In the end, Crain was an alcoholic recluse, who stayed in her trash strewn bedroom, watching TV, and lamenting her life.

Fox's musicals may not have been as polished as MGM's but they were certainly in constant production. She went seriously psycho in that one. And in a little-known Sinatra movie called The Joker's Wild. That search string returns nothing close to the DL, but it does pick up directions to the Wallis Theater and a site about silver screen glamour girls. That revival was a sad affair. Other actresses of the day may have been technically more proficient or had greater range -- Anne Baxter, Celeste Holm, Eleanor Parker -- but they were usually a little studied, a little blah.

Very classy lady, and dont forget her on Brackens World! Had no idea who she was otherwise but I thought she was glamorous. Nude beautiful women images. She told him "my dear, too bad you are not 60 and Jewish, they know how to treat a woman". It still burns my britches that Eleanor Parker's brilliant performance in The Sound of Music has been erased in the minds of the other cast members.

Wow, Bowe did look like Lizabeth Scott.

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If you don't get Crain's appeal from this clip. I never like Jennifer Jones, but she did have a very appealing charisma. Hentai naruto comics. Martha hyer naked. Find More Posts by charlieray1. Had no idea who she was otherwise but I thought she was glamorous. Jeanne Crain was quite possibly the worst actress ever to be placed on celluloid. She played a whooor. Died just a few years ago, age My family member, gay, said he was in love with Martha Hyer!

Kansas City area Home Theater Gallery: Then again with Cary Grant for Cole Porter. That does make sense. Mainly I was thinking of people who often were hired as look-alikes for other, earlier, big names and who, even if they topped some films, didn't sustain things.

Eleanor Parker's name does not belong in the same sentence as those other actresses. Flight attendant nude. I remember her from The Carpetbaggers. What's her relationship with son Lorenzo been like lately? Originally Posted by repete Eleanor White: Find More Posts by Elandyll.

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A family member of mine decorator did Martha Hyer's house. I like Yvonne de Carlo. Parker's Oscar nominations can't be cited except as a sign of her being "in" - after all, Walter Brennan achieved three Oscars during these years.

Great combination of All-American beauty and world-class talent. That revival was a sad affair. I hereby confirm that I have read and understood the forum rules. It gathered nine Academy Award nominations, including Miss Varsi's for best supporting actress, but won none. Www sex best videos com. Send a private message to repete Okay, carry on, everyone.

What is interesting about Haver: Originally Posted by sfmarine She looks a bit like Naomi Watts. Oh Jane Russell How could I forget one of my all time favorite brunettes? There's another old broad who's still alive and kicking in her late 80s. Please tell me it wasn't assigned to her by the studio.

Originally Posted by rkolinski Eleanor White. Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs. Unlike MGM or Paramount, Fox, the most conservative of studios never developed a strong stock-company of musical stars of various types and specialties. Her edition of This Is Your Life in was touching, and who knew she was high school classmates with Nanette Fabray?

Here's Vera Ralston, well known in Hollywood during the s and s, but for all the wrong reasons. What the hell happened?!? Virginia Mayo sucked, and she had a bit of an attitude. I'm one of those people who thinks Kim Novak's ineptitude was charming and served several movies much better than a good performance would have. She was a passable actress at best and never a top draw on her own. Hey, I was available! Cross-eyed as she might have been, Virginia Mayo was a cut above the others on this list.

Legendary ladies' man George Gershwin was gay? She died of respiratory problems and also had Lyme disease, said her daughter, Willo Hausman.

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