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This is exactly why the game is so wildly popular. Hot nude car wash. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Minecraft sex slave. But, was I really that ill? Or is it more of an action game like dig-dug? It is as if SatanSecond Life and The Sims all had a huge sex orgy and Minecraft was the bastard child that came out of it. I relaxed a bit, but soon tensed up when I saw guards chasing after us.

Connect to the server with the IP: Renevent42 It's a joke site At all times between Genesis and Revelation. Using current Minecraft methods, it is possible to capture innocent villagers and put them into slavery, much like historical events from our past. When I was a kid growing up in New York every day we kids would play wonderfull games, stick ball, kick the can, hide and seek and my all time favorite catch a nigra and make him wet himself.

I'm tired about the people who get on minecraft everyday, just to go to a strip club, and buy some strippers, or sex slaves. Or am I overreacting about all of this? I got downvoted to oblivion for suggesting that the villager farms should be made less tedious. Saving Whores in Vegas: Soon, I drifted off to sleep, along with everyone else in the building.

Buttons That's obviously trolling. This is what will happen if we allow defying God's creation with genetic manipulation to go on! If not, pick a side. Sexy hot girls with boobs. HackerPro14 Registered Member Jul 27, Although Landover Baptist claims to own vast properties and have thousands of members, in reality it exists only on the Internet and it's membership is quite small.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Saying such bull like you just said right there is not only insulting, but a damn moronic generalization. Please do so in a manner that promotes God and his word wisely and biblically. Some people are so stupid PS: Join us on discord!

The Landover Baptist Church is a well-known parody site among the online atheist community, which I used to be a part of. Find all posts by Cranky Old Man. Find all posts by Jedediah. All guards wielded diamond swords. Makes children sex slaves and destroys our economy - Find all posts by drinkmorecoffee. You talked about villagers being stupid and easily manipulated, and how you can use that to lure them into places using treasure?

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I know Landover Baptist Church from my debating Atheist days. Hot mature milf fucked. The thread is still going on right now if you want to hop in and try and get these idiots to understand that minecraft isn't the work of satan. Down here my sins forgiven, Up there a home in heaven Praise God, That's the way for me!! Pretty sure that is a joke site. I struggled to get free.

Villagers don't drop any experience or items, despite MANY suggestions that they drop emeralds. Have you ever heard of Jesus Christ? I'm telling you, these damn Nintendo games are a cancer on decent Christian society.

Man, i'm gonna laugh wen they get ahold of Manhunt, or God of War. Minecraft sex slave. But let me tell ya, this guy made me blow my blocks with the full force of one thousand suns.

Picture all the kids that we have participating in "sex". But if see a lousy prejudgement 'bout something, then i'm gonna strike at it.

He wrapped his arms around me. I fell to my knees. I read a few topics and it really is hard to tell if its a bunch of trolls or crazy religious people. Sissy husband tumblr. Get your daughter raped! Please Log In to post. It generates a lot of cash, people are making friends, and the club is hiring bartender and other jobs for poorer players to make some money.

Blind faith in anything is dangerous.

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I am not angry, I am saddened. I also think we need to be extra-vigilant against anyone who comes here and defends this game.

Another factor in support of removing strip clubs and "sex" is the chat flood. Find all posts by James Dewitt. All I knew it that flat stone was required. Page 1 of But how is the current way of doing things any better? Page 2 of Last edited by Jeb Stuart Thurmond; at I felt like I was going to collapse.

It seems to be a recurring problem with kids these days. Mojang has never stated that villagers were sentient besides the April Fools joke. Celebs boobs exposed. As much as I would love if this were legit - I find real crazy religious zealotry to be far more entertaining than that fake stuff - it's pretty much widely known across the internet that Landover Baptist is fake.

It saddens me what have become of our country. I can't seem to understand wheather it's a joke site or just a place for a bunch of crazy idiots: You know i have looked around this site, and now i do agree with you guys, Minecraft is a horrible game. Then leave them and be on your merry way. He left the building and I didn't see him again that day. Regardless, just stop sex in pub chat! This is not serious.

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